New Video For ‘Paris, My Love’ Feb 2017

Very excited to present this beautiful take on the bittersweet nature of nostalgia from rising star cinematographer Gene Sung. Many thanks to all involved, from Paris to Los Angeles, for bringing this project to light.

Director, DP , Post: Gene Sung
Paris Actor: Joanna Werynska
Violin: Emily Moore
Concept: Gene Sung, Malcolm Cross
Producers: Malcolm Cross, Brandon Stevenson
Assistant Director: Brandon Stevenson
Gaffer: Ricardo Garcia
Art Department: Rigel Yaluk
Paris PA: Susan Sung
Los Angeles PA / hair + makeup: Celia Chavez
Stage Manager: Marco Oryx – special thanks
Pop Up Book by: Michael Caputo – special thanks
Penguin Books (c)2014

Special thanks to Greg Johnson for the guitar, and to Jeff Young for the gramophone
video (c) 2017 built by ugene
Filmed at: Greycard Studios – Culver City CA
and on location in Paris, France

song (c) 2015 In the Strings publishing (ASCAP)
from “The Sad Carousel” produced by Darrin Tehrani

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